Willy And Biff Loman Character Analysis

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Like father like son is a saying that is all too true. In the case of Willy and Biff Loman, two of the main character in the book Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller, it’s the fact that they are truly so a like that leads to most of their problems. This father and son pair both get enjoyment out of being outdoor. They also have role models that are not good ones. Each of them are both found playing themselves up to be bigger than they really are. There are others out there the do not believe that he they are so alike though. However they do not take several facts into consideration. Willy and Biff are so alike that it causes them problems. Biff and Willy both find their happy place to be outdoors. When Willy says first on page 14 then on page 17. "I was even observing the scenery. You can imagine, me looking at scenery, on the road every week of my life. But it's so beautiful up there, Linda, the trees are so thick, and the sun is warm." Followed by "There's not a breath of fresh air in the neighborhood. The Grass don't grow any more, you can't raise a carrot in in the backyard. They should've…show more content…
On page 52 Willy is talking to Ben asking for advice "Oh, Ben, that's good to hear! Because sometimes I'm afraid that I'm not teaching them the right kind of-Ben, how should I teach them?” Ben is a bad role model because he is dead. Not only is Ben desiced but all the ideas of Ben and how great of a guy he was were made up by Willy in his own head as a way to justify the way he is raising his kids. On the other side of this Biff’s role model is his father Willy. Willy gives Biff these unrealistic idea that can never really be achieved. As an example on page 64 when Biff is going to ask for a loan from his old Boss, Willy keeps running the price to something that could never be gotten. “I see great thing for you kids, I think your troubles are over. But remember, start big and you'll end big. Ask for
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