Willy Baker Short Story Analysis

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During the dark night of 1991 the small city of Vikings, the disappearance of Willy Baker changes everything. This all started as a regular night for Willy and his friends Mikey, Luke, and Dusty. They were playing their favorite board game like they do every thursday night. “It’s time to go home boys, remember it’s a school night”, said Mikey’s mom, Mrs.Diaz
“One more game,” shouted Mikey. “No excuses Mikey” replied Mrs.Diaz a she hugged the boys goodbye. “Goodbye Mrs.Diaz” they all replied.

The three boys left Mikey’s house and started riding home on their bikes.
Dusty shouts “See you guys tomorrow”, as they all separate into different paths. The certain path Willy goes down is always darker than the other
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Joy took Johnny by the hand ran in the car and drove right to the deputy’s office as she explained to Johnny that Willy was missing. Joy quickly got out of the car, ran into Deputy’s office, and explained what happened to Willy. Of course Deputy did not believe her.

“Mrs. Baker, are you sure Willy is not with a friend or a family member?” Asked Deputy. “Deputy this is a small town, Willy doesn’t have anyone except his brother and his 3 friends. I have checked with everyone, I know for a fact HE IS MISSING!” Said Joy in a river of tears. “Fine I will send out my search team”, replied Deputy obviously feeling bad for Joy
After Joy and Johnny got home from the Deputy’s office the boys stopped by to see if Willy was there. Joy gave them the unfortunate news and the boys seemed really worried and scared all they wanted was their friend back.
“What are we going to do guys?” Asked Mikey really worried and scared.
“I am not sure but we have to do something about this and fast”, said Luke still in shock.
“I know what we should do, we should go look for him!”, replied Dusty very confident. The boys wandered off into the forest by the place where Willy

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