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DOAS Essay Parents teach children everything as much as possible. Sometimes the more a kid learn things, the more they are amused by it. As kids grow up, they always want to be what their parents are. As Biff grew up, he always wanted to be what his father is. Until the accident in Boston, everything changes. In the accident of Boston, Biff’s perspective of his father changes to hatred and betrayed forever. Biff begins to have hatred for his father. He feels like his father ruin his expectation of being a great man, so he is now lost. Willy tells Linda that, “Biff Loman is lost. In the greatest country in the world a young man with such—personal attractiveness, gets lost. And such a hard worker. There’s one thing about Biff—he’s not lazy.” As a young Biff, Willy and Biff are really close together and their relationship is very well going. During Biff’s high school career, Willy was not…show more content…
Therefore, he put all his effort and belief into Biff while he feels disappointment in his self. Willy feels like that Biff will be the one to store his hopes and dreams again. After Willy hears that Biff is flunking math, Willy tells Bernard, “You’ll give him the answers!” He is willing to have Biff make a false accomplishment for his chances on making his dreams come true. After the Boston incident, Biff feels like he can not live to his father’s expectations. He tells Happy that, “Everything I say there’s a twist of mockery on his face. I can’t get near him.” Biff is tired of telling lies to his father instead of the truth. All Willy want is the lie and never the truth. He never let Biff tell him what his son wants him to know. During the conversation in the restaurant, Biff says, “His answer was — (He breaks off, suddenly angry.) Dad, you’re not letting me tell you what I want to tell you!” Biff feels so much hatred because he can get of

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