Willy Jose Montañez Velilla

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Willy Jose Montañez Velilla is very complex to describe in just words, but as far as words can describe a man, he can be every adjective in the dictionary. Willy is every abstract idea whether good or less good, but never bad because “bad” is relative. He is an older brother, sometimes maybe even the father figure in his home. Due to this, he has grown to be independent, caring, loving, and every other quality an older brother or father contains. He like many others has goals for his life. What distinguishes Willy from the others is not only his dedication to pursue those goals, but the way he graciously knows he will achieve them without a slight doubt in his mind. He goes through life without a worry in the world because even if things seem difficult he never once doubts himself. He is confident, clever, and has an appealing sense of humor which are perfect qualities for the leadership he takes in everything he does. Willy is a very special guy to many and accordingly most people tend to speak about all his good aspects when it comes to describing him. It is something we as humans do unconsciously when thinking of a person in memory we tend to…show more content…
I happen to be one of those fortunate lives he entered and he has impacted in such a grand way. Even though it is impossible to completely describe a person without actually being the person from their perspective, from what I can observe the image of “Willy” is mostly the person itself. What he portrays as a person is the image of what he truly is. That is what makes him so complex and artistic because in a world where our image is influenced by the system it is condemned for our image to be the reflection of who we truly are, but for him it doesn’t matter he is simple himself. Willy Jose Montañez Velilla is simply complicated and that is why I and many more love him
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