Willy Loman Symbolism

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On the other hand, Willy in his flashbacks is a loving father and husband, the difference is ultimately obvious because he cannot live with the realization that he has failed, therefore in his last chance he decide to commit a suicide to leave his life insurance money to Biff to begin a new life. Many critics have asserted that Willy is a modern tragic hero and his tragedy lies in his belief in the American dream, Willy Loman is represented everyone, most people see themselves in Willy, the situation in which he stood and to which he was reacting, Willy Loman is represented the modern psycho character who carry contradicting feelings and emotions together, but the most effective one is his anger which turn his life to hell (Murphy 86).
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Symbolism also frequently is a used technique as stockings, diamonds, African jungle an seeds are all symbols for something else in the play.in Death of a Salesman Miller used various dramatic techniques which help him in communicating with his readers an audience quite effectively (Mackey…show more content…
Such play with a non-linear story telling there is not a specific pattern for exposition, complication, crisis and resolution, as example in Miller’s play the scene when Biff discovered that his father has an affair with another woman, this scene occurred when Biff was seventeen, so it is in some way occurred as a flashbacks to the past to clear the events in the present, most of the audience as Linda which doesn’t understand what happen between Biff and his father and the main reason of their frustration and anger which sometimes turned to hatred, so Miller use such special technique to expose his scenes which characterized by its out of order but at the same time attractive to the reader and create the suspense needed (Carson 26).
On the subject of using the language, the language in Death of a Salesman is entirely realistic, informal and vernacular, his characters in this play are from the working class which made Miller’s play a modern tragedy moving away of the classical one with its noble characters, Miller try to make his characters familiar, this is obvious in such sentences ‘’I’m takin’ one play for pop’’, ‘’you are a pal’’ and ‘’I’m a dime a dozen’’ (Miller
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