Essay On Willy Loman As A Tragic Hero

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Aristotle, an ancient Greek philosopher, believes that a tragedy is “that moment where the hero comes face to face with his true identity.” Since Aristotle’s time, writers utilized the main character that possesses a fatal flaw and portrayed how it sparks his or her tragic demise. Arthur Miller explains that a tragedy is when the consequences of a man’s total compulsion to evaluate himself justly. Throughout Death of a Salesman, Arthur Miller illustrates that Willy Loman is the epitome of a tragic hero. Miller depicts how Willy Loman, a sixty-year-old man, faces financial troubles which ultimately leave him defeated and inspires his suicide. Willy’s refuses to acknowledge that the business world is evolving and he is not altering his values with the rest of the majority. His predicament is a result of his weakness and minimal salary which also rubs off on his sons, Happy and Biff. Regardless of his wife Linda’s efforts, Willy’s poor mentality leads to his inevitable demise. As the plot develops, Willy’s actions parallel the Although Willy Loman from Death of a Salesman…show more content…
As the play progresses, Arthur Miller clearly exemplifies how Willy’s characteristics are closely associated with aspects any tragic hero possesses. Arthur Miller illustrates how Loman’s error in judgment and lack of success cause him to feel thoroughly defeated by society and even his family. His indifference to change impedes him from thriving in the realm of business and family life until he realizes that his dream of success is unattainable. Overall, his tragic flaw hinders him from changing his values and understanding that accomplishments do not stem from being admirable and attractive. Throughout Death of a Salesman, Arthur Miller’s storyline outlines the essence of a tragedy with a more modern-day plot to prove that Willy Loman is a tragic
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