Willy Loman's American Dream In Death Of A Salesman By Arthur Miller

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Willy’s American Dream The tragic play of Death of a salesman by Arthur Miller tells a story about an old man of 84 years old named Willy. Willy was captured by the American dream. He believed that hard work and ambitions could take him to a life of fame and popularity like the american dream was supposed to be. In Death of a salesman, the american dream reveals disappointment, failure and loss of hope. Thus showing that the american dream is not a great dream after all. The main character Willy had big dreams and ideas for his family future. He maybe saw himself in one of his son’s named Biff, Willy wanted him to be a great worker on the business world but after Biff failed math he believed that he had ruined his life. In Willy’s eyes biff failing…show more content…
In the play the main character willy had trouble doing his job right. Willy was in a good mood, he woke up happy to go see his boss and ask for a job where he’ll stay in one place without having to travel but there were no jobs available, willy desesperante said “i 'm talking about your father! There were promises made across this desk! You 've shouldn’t tell me you got people to see…”(60). After this big fight with his boss he losses his job. A big sign of failure was written in willy 's life after losing his job because without a job he wouldn’t have any money to pay his insurance and neither the last payment of his house. Another example for willy 's failure is when he is starting to realize that people don 't actually take willy serious. After he got fired he noticed that he was losing popularity and the idea of success was betraying him.Willy needed money so he went to ask an old friend for money to pay his insurance. He got the money but also had a job offer but because he didn’t want to admit his failure he decided to say no. This shows how willy can not admit his failure to his family. The main character Willy doesn’t want to show how deeply down he had fallen and is starting to lose hope on his
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