Willy Loman's Repression

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Willy 's issues with repression are consistently displayed in "Death of a Salesman". Willy represses recollections of poor times to when he was more delighted with his family. Moreover, Willy represses past choices and decisions that could have made his family more jubilant such as when he passed up a venture to Alaska with his brother to visit a diamond mine in which his brother gained a vast amount of riches from. Furthermore, Willy says many times that he had done well with his sales deals, however he is just repressing the fact that he comes back to his family empty handed. Willy likewise utilizes regression which is defined as "when conscience thoughts are incidentally pushed out of cognizance and into your unconsciousness" [CITE]. He attempts to live in the American Dream, however most of the time that is just him briefly pushing away reality and pretending to be like the successful people around him, for example, his neighbor Bernard and particularly his sibling Ben. He frequently despises others that are substantially more wealthy than him which is an example of his regression. His fantasies are additionally another case of his regression. Although he is in reality, he sometimes plunges into a …show more content…

"Death of a Salesman" can be seen as a Psychoanalytic play due to the fact that Willy confronts such a large number of issues that harm his life. His repression eventually prompts the loss of appreciation from his most loved son, Biff. His repression likewise influences his child Happy. Overall, Willy severity destroys the relationships he had with his children. Since Willy continuous attempts of trying to achieve the American Dream plays as a catalyst for his own self destruction which makes him kill himself. Willy 's conscience is a definitive subject for the Psychoanalysis of Death of a Salesman. The way he thinks prompts the issues he has with his family and himself and this is the manner by which Death of a Salesman can be seen in a

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