Wilson And The Treaty Of Versailles

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Even Senators and Presidents put their personal feuds above what they believe is right. After WWI, President Woodrow Wilson went to Paris to create the Treaty of Versailles, which included the League of Nations. The Treaty needed two thirds vote of the Senate to vote in favor to be ratified. America had an isolationist past and the Senate was divided into the internationalists, led by Wilson, who were in favor of the League of Nations as proposed, the reservationists, led by Senator Lodge, who wanted a treaty of some type but wanted some changes, and the irreconcilables, led by Senator Borah, who were completely opposed to the Treaty and wanted to remain isolated. Even though the Senate refused to work towards a compromise, it was Wilson’s fault the Treaty was not ratified…show more content…
Some believe Senate is responsible for the defeat of the Treaty of Versailles because they did not work to make a compromise. During this time, the Senate was majority Republican, with 49 Republican Senators and 47 Democratic Senators, unfavorable to the Democratic President Wilson. When the Treaty was first sent to the Senate, 39 Senators,
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