Wilson-Britten Case Summary

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Alexis Wilson-Britten is a daycare worker who was recently arrested for abusing a toddler. Alexis was caught on tape kicking a 20 month-old. Robert Phelps is the owner of the daycare. He stated that Alexis was scheduled to be terminated the same day she kicked the toddler. She was also caught taping a pacifier to a toddler 's mouth. Robert knew something was wrong when the toddler 's mother, Kimberly Johnson, picked him up. The toddler was agitated and holding his arm. Alexis told Kimberly that her son was upset because the other children had already went home. However, when the toddler 's father took him to the doctor, the doctor told him that the toddler had a broken arm. Kimberly later found out that her son fell on the playground, but no one told her that.…show more content…
Kimberly complained to the owner of the daycare about the lack of communication. That was when the daycare owner watched a video of Alexis interacting with the toddler. They saw Alexis kick the toddler when he was trying to bring her a toy. She was later arrested. Alexis has no prior criminal history. She has been charged with simple assault. Kimberly plans to pursue legal

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