Wilt Chamberlain: The Most Famous Basketball Player

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Wilt Chamberlain is one of the most greatest and famous basketball players ever. His size and athleticism changed the game of basketball. Wilt was everything you needed in a player, he could score, rebound, and all-around he was just a very great player. Wilt Chamberlain was born on August 21, 1936 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and was one of nine kids raised. He lived in a good neighborhood and played basketball with older kids on playgrounds. He attended Overbrook High School and that’s when he developed a term which he called a “deep love for basketball”, and it is very well true. In the three seasons he played basketball in high school, Wilt scored over 2,200 points. Wilt worked hard on becoming a good basketball player and at an early age he became a very great basketball player. Wilt played outstanding in high school, which led to over 200 universities recruiting him. He chose the University of Kansas and in his first varsity game he scored 52 points. Wilt led the Jayhawks to the NCAA finals, but lost in double overtime to North Carolina. He averaged a little bit over 30 points a game and was selected twice to All-American teams during his college career. Just like in high school, Wilt played fantastic in college and he knew that it was time to go pro. Wilt left college a year early to go to the NBA but he couldn’t…show more content…
He and the 76ers finished with the best record in league history and won a championship against his former team, as well. He later traded to the Lakers the next season but he and the Lakers didn’t win any championships. However, in 1972, the Lakers finally seemed poised to win a championship, they did, but it wasn’t easy. Wilt’s incredible scoring ability was a valuable asset to the teams he won championships with, but he played with other scorers so he also focused on defensive skills, like shot blocking, and he worked on

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