Wilt Chamberlain: The Most Popular Sports In Basketball

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Basketball is one of the second most popular sport in the world. There is one reason and one reason only, it’s because of a man named Wilt Chamberlain. Wilt scored 100 points in the early March, 1962. At the time the NBA was at a standstill, with the annual income just over $50,000. The 1961-1962 season was insane, with all the legends that played on the courts of the NBA. Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, Elgin Baylor, just to name a few. The NBA saw over six players average over thirty points a game. Wilt has obviously one of them, with the 100 point game, he brought his average to an astonishing 45+ points. Wilt Chamberlain’s dedication and skill set was unmatchable by any other player in the NBA to date. One example is Wilton’s one hundred…show more content…
Something funny that came out of that was when Darrall was deep in foul trouble, 4 fouls on only Chamberlain, he shouted at one of the referees “ Well, why don’t you just give the guy [one] hundred and we’ll all go home!” Sure enough he did just that. After Wilt had heard that he was going hard for the triple digits. Because of this very game the NBA had changed the lane (paint) from twelve feet wide to sixteen feet wide. With the third quarter coming to an end, Wilt racked twenty-eight, adding on to his 41 is 69 points from just the three quarters he’s been in. “The Big Dipper” scored his 80th point with 7:51 left on the clock. The crowd went crazy because he has already broken his old points record of seventy-eight. Wilt soon later stated “Man, these people are tough. I’m tired. I’ve got 80 points and no one has ever scored 80.” After Wilt had thrown down a forceful dunk for 98 points the crowd started to chant “Give it to Wilt. Give it to Wilt.” Chamberlain soon responded to their offers and had an alley-oop layup. With Wilt’s final 100 point the crowd rushed the court to congratulate Wilt on his great
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