Wind Energy: The Benefits Of Wind Power

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“The fuel in the earth will be exhausted in a thousand or more years, and its mineral wealth, but man will find substitutes for these in the winds, the waves, the sun 's heat, and so forth”- claimed scientist John Burroughs stating that the fuel in the earth will last longer with wind power. Wind is air in motion which is caused by the heating of Earth’s surface by the sun. Wind power doesn’t release pollution into the air or water and is a renewable source which we can never ran out of unlike fossil fuels. It can also produce electricity, and can help control in fossil fuel costs as well. Wind power helps keep a longer lasting fuel, a clean and safe environment, and lastly reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.
Wind power has advantages
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There are spaces for large wind farms being built for a cleaner way to generate or produce electricity. The largest wind turbines are able to produce enough energy demands of 600 average U.S. homes. One problem is that wind turbines can`t be placed too close to each other because it has a certain wind speed which produces energy at its full capacity. But the land in-between can be used for other things. The wind operators are still searching for a better way to arrange the wind turbines to help the environment. This is why many farms would benefit more from installing wind turbines as opposed to solar panels.…show more content…
The wind energy itself is free, however, the cost to manufacture wind farms isn 't cheap. But the wind turbines in the farms are predicted to have a 20 year life-span without any maintenance required. According to the News Organization the cost of wind electricity will decrease by 12% by the year 2016. It is also estimated that in the future there will be better and improved turbines, improvement in materials, and more efficient wind turbines that has a reasonable price. It is also estimated that there will be more turbines on the market, if there are more businesses in manufacturing, which in result will have a cheaper cost of wind energy. If the wind systems are produced more in the future, the cost will drop even more. “”.
Even though there are benefits to wind energy, there are also some disadvantages about how wind can be unpredictable and may also cause a threat to wildlife. Wind energy may be sometimes unpredictable and is not constant which is why people believe that is it not suited as an energy source. If we had more cheap ways of storing wind energy the situation would be different. Right now, wind turbines have to be used to meet our energy demands. The threat is for flying creatures such as birds and bats that have chances of surviving when taking a direct hit from a rotating wind turbine
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