Window And Mirror Parable

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Both Window and Mirror
Explanation: This parable tells us to be persistent with our God and always stay true to our faith. It also tells us that God will help anyone who is in desperation and that if you ask, He will give you what you need. It is both Window and Mirror because it reveals how God treats us, and how we should act towards God and his creations.
Part of Story
This parable takes place in a town and is irrelevant to the story so a specific location is not given. The two characters of the story are the widow and the judge. The judge does not fear God and neither does he respect people. The Widow asks the judge to bring justice against her opponent.
The comparison is between widow who was determined and faithful towards her rights and the judge who did not care for her or people’s rights.
Even though the widow is persistent, the judge continues to deny her request. Despite refusing her, the widow comes again continuously.
After a long time, the judge finally complies to the widow’s request to help her against her adversary because he does not want her to bother him anymore. He says that: “I will see to it that she gets her rights. If I don 't, she will keep on coming and finally wear me out!”.
Kingdom of God
The Kingdom of God will bring upon justice when it is requested. God will answer all the calls of His people so that the Kingdom of God on earth will be virtuous.
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