Windrider And The Dragon Essay

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This is a story in the 1900’s, MoonShadow, a young boy in China with his mother and grandmother. In China, they believe dragons can use their powers for good or bad. He knew of America, or he knew as the Land of the Golden Mountain, and also California or the Golden Mountain. His father Windrider, works in California, San Francisco with the demons. Or white people who he believes as people with powers used for good or bad but most of the time bad. HandClap , a man who knows Windrider, takes MoonShadow to California to find his father. MoonShadow see’s Windrider and the Company, group of Tang men. They were Uncle Bright Star, HandClap, White Deer (who knows how to cook), Lefty(who chopped off his right hand for losing all his money gambling), and Black Dog. Who…show more content…
MoonShadow is introduced to new machines made by demons by Windrider.Then Windrider tells him his vision he had of the King of Dragons. He had told Windrider about his former life as a dragon and how he got his name, Windrider.Then about how he was shown around the dragon kingdom.MoonShadow and Windrider see the newspaper and find out two demons named the Wright Brothers flew. But Uncle Bright Star didn’t think it was real. That night Windrider snook out because he knew Black Dog was up to no good and MoonShadow followed him.Windrider went in a bar at the casino and came back with Black Dog, drunk on the ground. MoonShadow was in the shadows when he saw a Sleeper (a gang) point a gun at his dad. So he jumped on him and knocked him down. Windrider came and killed the guy with his sword before he got MoonShadow. They took BlackDog home but after a few days he became his selfish self again.One day when MoonShadow and him were walking and talking, BlackDog attached him ,but Windrider saved
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