Windridge Reflection

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Jeanese Murdock
Windridge Reflection Paper Horses are therapeutic in so many ways, they are trained in specific ways that are therapeutic to the riders that attend Windridge Equestrian Center. These horses promote cognitive, physical, emotional, and social wellbeing to all diagnosis. The rhythmic gait of a horse moves the rider’s pelvis in the same rotation and side to side movement that occurs when walking. The movement of the horse stimulates a rider’s posture, and works on balance, coordination, and strength. People with certain diagnosis such as; cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, Down syndrome, and autism can gain several benefits from riding a horse. It aides in the development of muscle tone, coordination, communication, and socialization
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I hate to use the word “meltdown” but I did witness multiple episodes. This truly broke my heart, all you want to do is fix them. Every week for nine weeks I watched MJ go through the same routine over and over. As I stated, the therapy plate was a turning point for MJ. His body is craving proprioception and the outcome of the therapy plate was such a relief to not watch him go through the routine that I witnessed many times. My take home message from Windridge is to see the world in each individual child and how each has a different sense of how they interpret the environment around them. Terrie has stressed the fact that a diagnosis is just a diagnosis, you take the individual and treat them and not the diagnosis. Although I got that concept and knew what she meant, to witness MJ’s outburst compared to another child of the same diagnosis that we were given the opportunity to see in class earlier in the program knocked that statement home for me. I am leaving Windridge more mindful of each unique child and how they “all” need a unique treatment to grow and learn from the environment they know and experience. As I learned from MJ, often times you will need to join them in their world to be able to learn what their body needs in order to help them function in a comfortable zone for
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