Windrix Hill Fire Research Paper

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Incoming! There was a report of a small church fire at Windrix Hill, Oklahoma. The fire started at 2:00 pm on Friday 1965. It was reported as being caused by a burning cigarette left on the floor. Three boys, Ponyboy Curtis, Johnny Cade, and Dallas Minston were on the run for a murder of a Soc named Bob Sheldon. They went to the church because they expected nobody would ever think of going to a church. Five days after they had been hiding out at the church, there was a group of local kids visiting for a field trip. Five of them went inside of the church although the chaperones and parents told them not to. A fire had began. In fast action, Johnny first ran to a broken window, shortly after Ponyboy joined him to and started into the church. The fire was fierce and were guided by the little kids screaming and coughing for help. When Ponyboy and Johnny found the kids they immediatley, one by one picked up the kids and threw them out of a opening in a window. A few minutes later Dally had joined them throwing Ponyboy first, then Johnny and just in time before the entire church had collapsed on them. Shortly after the ambulances came and took the three greasers quickly to the hospital. Ponyboy was the first to wake up, Dally had clubbed him very hard because his whole back was on…show more content…
Before Johnny was going he gave Ponyboy his book and left a note that was too late to be discovered. The note said “Stay Gold Ponyboy, Stay Gold!” Meaning stay pure and live life to the fullest, Dally is more of the opposite. The note also said to show Dally the sunset to make him not as mean and to care more about the world and to be more kind. Johnny didn’t know Dally would suicide because of him. Dally felt so upset and depressed of Johnny dieing that he suicides by pulling a gun if front of a police which was a unloaded
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