Windshield Repair Case Study

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You need windshield repair or replacement services if yours has damage. The Glass Doctor Odessa experts repairs chips with ease, while adhering to industry standards regarding replacement. As an integral part of your vehicle structural integrity, your windshield must remain strong; cracks greater than three inches require a replacement windshield, rather than repair. This provides the greatest safety for you, and your passengers. When determining which services are appropriate for your damaged windshield, our specialists consider the following: Size: Smaller chips and cracks are more likely candidates for repair, while chips greater than three-eighths of an inch wide generally need replacement services. Additionally, windshields with cracks…show more content…
Dirt and other debris accumulates into the fine lines over time, making it virtually impossible to properly repair older damage while maintaining industry standards. The Glass Doctor Odessa is experienced with most insurance carriers. We will perform your windshield repair and replacement services, and file the insurance paperwork for you. Before having service done, we recommend speaking to your insurance agent to verify you have the proper coverage for your broken automobile glass service needs. Windshield Repair Prevent expensive replacement costs with prompt repair for auto glass damage. Repair is preferable in many cases, for these reasons: Convenience: In most cases, the Glass Doctor Odessa experts complete repairs in approximately one hour. Economical: The costs for repair are significantly less than replacement services. Insurance: Due to the lessened expenses associated with repair, many insurance providers cover the service, and waive the deductible, saving you both money. Environmentally Sound: Glass from windshield replacements end up in landfills. Repair prevents that additional mark on your carbon

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