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Windshield Survey Summary Fayetteville Street of Durham, North Carolina is approximately two miles long. Within this community there are two major educational facilities: the Fayetteville Street Elementary School and Historical Black College University, North Carolina Central University (NCCU). The Fayetteville Street Elementary School is located closely to NCCU, along with many other privately-owned and commercial businesses, as well as residential homes. These businesses include community centers, barbershops, daycare centers, grocery stores, and fast-food restaurants. The houses located within this streets community varies including dorm rooms, boarding houses, and residential homes. The structure and landscaping of each building, business,…show more content…
The majority of the campus includes historic buildings that are clearly identifiable. These buildings are located throughout the campus and cover a variety of subject areas. The NCCU campus represents a considerable portion of the historical background of Durham, North Carolina. The numerous privately owned businesses also stood out to me. A considerable portion of the community houses many private owned businesses, which was very impressive. These businesses vary in resources and cater to specific means. Some were tailored towards students, others for cosmetics, many for food, and others for religion. The street appears to be a melting pot of races, religions, and people of all ages which is why the various businesses stood out. It appeared that there was a business that could cater to any one of the occupants of the street. I will use the information from my Windshield Survey to guide my recommendations toward the most challenging aspects of this community. Using this information will help me to format recommendations that will help me address challenges they may cause the most drastic consequences to members of this community. Formatting the recommendations to specifically address these challenges may help resolve them before drastic consequences
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