Windy Day In Fall: A Short Story

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On one Windy day in fall, John was just finishing his breakfast while his mom washed the dishes, and his dad read the newspaper. John got up to take his plate to his mom and kissed her goodbye and his dad goodbye before heading out to play catch with his friends from school. When john had step foot outside, and the cool breeze of fall had entered his nose. John could smell the thick smell of pine cones that were falling to the ground and the crisp air of the leaves floating around in the air. While John was walking around the neighborhood, he had seen his friend Sarah walking from her house with her mit and cap on. Further down the street, was were Max and Sam lives and they had planned to come play ball with us.

While they were walking up
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The police and told the mayor of the town, the mayor decided to have a town meeting about the house and told everyone to stay away from the house. The town's biggest toughest bullies decided to go into the house and explore the building. They explored till they came to the closet door that contains the doll inside. One of the members opened the door and the doll was already looking at the door like it was waiting for them to open the door. They shut the door and the door flew open with the doll up in the air with the black devils face behind the doll. The members had started to run one by one out of the house. One of the members was still in the room looking into the closet with the doll. After all of the members have ran out of the house, the kid that was left in the house had grew brave to try to run for the door. But the darkness had grew from the closet to part of the room and took over the door. The doll was sitting on the bed and had her head looking at him and would keep turning her head every time he moved, her head would move. The gang's leader had called out to his friend and all they heard was a loud scream and dead
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