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Top 10 Best Red Wine Brands In India With Prices
The Indian wine market has seen a drastic change in the last ten years. Ten years back, people did not even know about Indian wines, but now Indian wine brands are very well known. From the domestic to the international market, Indian wine brands have created a wide recognition platform for themselves. Most famous Indian vineyards and wineries are found in Nashik and Karnataka.
Indian wine lovers have a sophisticated taste in wine; this is why many Indians have come forward and changed the game of Indian wine market. Today, many Indian brands give a tough competition to other leading international wine brands in India.
10. Chateau d’Ori Cabernet Merlot 2007
Made from Merlot, an elegant grape,
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It is produced by Four Seasons Vineyards, located in Baramati, Maharashtra. Don’t expect it to taste sweet. The taste of this wine is like what you get after amalgamating different spices and ripe blackberries. Best wine to have with red meat, mushrooms, or barbecued food.
Price Range: 750 ml of this 2009 vintage costs around INR 900
5. Rasa Shiraz
It is an award-winning brand offered by the well-known Sula Vineyards, based in Nashik. It is supposed to be one of the best brands that are exported outside the country. It is a collector’s item as Sula produces only 1,700 cases of this lively wine. Its fruity aroma and a complex taste make it appropriate for experimental food and barbecues. You can also try it with soft cheese.
Price Range: 750ml of this 2007 vintage costs INR 1,175
4. Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve
This purple, deep red colored wine is produced by Reveilo Wines. People prefer this wine due to its great fruity taste and full body. Hints of pepper, cinnamon, and nutmeg provide more taste. It has a dark fruity and spicy aroma, which makes it a real fruit bomb in your mouth. It goes well with lamb dishes.
Price Range: 750ml of this 2005 vintage costs near about INR

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