Winnie Swallow The Foster Home Summary

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When Moran is working at Prince George welfare office, a women come for help. She need help for her daughter Winnie who is just 13 year old. Winnie’s mother tell to Moran that Winnie constantly ran away from home. She also said that Winnie is very silent and loyal child and she is very close to her father, but after her father’s death she just start running away from home. They moved to Prince George because her mother thought that maybe she need a new environment, but this does not work. She still escape from her home. After that, Moran met Winnie and she found that Winnie is a quiet girl who does not like anyone. According to Moran (1992), “Winnie was in a self-destructive pattern and that something had to be done about it” (63). Before second meeting Winnie again ran away from home and she came back after four days.…show more content…
Winnie’s mother sign the consent because she thought that may be Winnie live a better life there. Moran found only one foster home and they are ready to take care of Winnie just on inquiry base. Moran got a call from that foster home after four days. The care taker said that Winnie swallow the ink and she is in hospital. Doctor talk to Moran that she is fine but she really need a psychiatric help. According to Moran (1992), “Winnie was admitted to Willingdon School, the Reform school for girls” (65). In this school Winnie also got psychiatric help because a psychiatric came there every month. Moran got a call from police who said that they found Winnie in panties and brassiere at the city suburb. Because of lack of resources court decided to put Winnie again in Willingdon Reform School for girls. Moran was unhappy with Court decision. Moran found herself helpless because of less
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