Winnie The Pooh Meaning

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1.Describe the following Daoist terms: p'u, wu wei, ch'i (or qi), yin and yang, and Dao. The concept of P'u, in Daoism, can be broken down by its two radical characters, to form a simpler meaning of, " wood not cut" or "tree in the thicket." The "p" has a root meaning of, is tree or wood, and the "u" has a root meaning of, dense growth or thicket. So when the two are combined it comes out as, a tree in thicket or wood not cut, which comes to the meaning of, things in their natural state. It is a Daoist metaphor to explain how much strength the simplest of things have in their own natural state. An analogy of p'u, that is used in Daoism, is that of the uncarved block. Simply put, no pun intended, is that objects or humans have a natural…show more content…
Milne's book, "Winnie the Pooh," are the perfect fit to understanding the concepts of Daoism. By matching the personalities of Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore, Owl, even Tigger and Rabbit, and comparing them to the Daoist concepts of p'u, wu wei, and ch'i is easier to relate to, since we all can see ourselves in one of the characters. For instance, Pooh, does not overthink, does not over do, and does not over react, he just lets things happen simply, such as with p'u, and naturally, such as that with wu wei. Pooh always get everything accomplished by just being," p'u." Unlike his best friend Piglet, who is the complete opposite of any Daoist concepts. The way Piglet handles life situations by fretting and worrying about every little thing, and by not letting wu wei happen he ends up expending lots of unnecessary energy. Yet, if Piglet would let things flow, like his best friend Pooh, he could understand even after all the fretting and worry, everything still will come out smelling like honey. And the same goes for Eeyore, the doubter and the complainer, another character easily compared non-Daoist belief. He has the knowledge to know about situations in life, but would rather moan, groan and complain about his current situation. If Eeyore would allow wu wei or find the p'u in the situation, then he too, would find the same answers as Pooh did. Maybe even smile and laugh a lot more. And as for Owl, who also fits into the same mold as Piglet and Eeyore. He works hard at solving problems with life situations by wasting a lot of time and energy on trying to gain all the knowledge he can to solve the problem. But in actuality, he has also wasted precious time and energy, by trying to find the simplest of answers through book knowledge. His own knowledge is his own enemy, by not being able to see the wu wei or being able to see the p'u in the
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