Winnie The Pooh Thesis

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Winnie The Pooh What was the one T.V. show you watched as a child that inspired you everyday? Well for me that was Winnie The Pooh. As a toddler I sat on my couch or parents bed all day everyday watching Winnie The Pooh. It's been a big part of me ever since I was born. Without Winnie I know I would have been a different kid. I actually have to give my great childhood to Winnie. Winnie The Pooh had an amazing inspiration in my childhood and I hope she continues to inspire other children. As a childhood I had everything Winnie The Pooh. I had a Winnie blanket, sheets, and pillows. Before I was born when my parents were agreeing to Winnie for my nursery they were looking for Winnie The Pooh blinds and couldn't find them. So my dad got Winnie The Pooh fabric and made my blinds. And that's saying a lot considering I've never seen my dad sew anything. On my 1st birthday I had a Winnie cake and 2 years ago on my birthday my dad got me a cake that had a picture of me as a 1 year old looking at my Winnie The Pooh cake with amazement. I used to have to be read Winnie The Pooh songs and books before I even considered going to bed between the ages 2 months-4 years old. I can honestly say that Winnie The Pooh changed my life. The T.V. show was probably my…show more content…
They make you take naps try to get you to talk. And even make you watch a T.V. show. Everyday my mom and dad made me watch Winnie The Pooh for at least an hour so I could learn something. This was the one thing I really didn't mind that my parents did. Even though it was teaching something it also was a really funny show for me to watch. I mean talking animals what year old kid wouldn't like that. My parents always loved Winnie too. They loved that I liked watching it and it also taught me a lot. Before bed I would watch it and I would fall right asleep with hearing the T.V. show my mom lightly reading, the song playing and the show on mute just
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