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He was rounding home plate, the small crowd was going wild. The Lombardi 's Pizza little league team had just won their first game; my mother was ecstatic, my father was underwhelmed per usual. I wasn’t aware of either of those facts though, because I had been sitting behind the dugout reading to all of my friend’s little siblings “Boo to You, Winnie the Pooh”. Most 9 year old boys ignored the bored younger siblings that were forced to be present at the team’s games - but I wanted them to be happy, and in turn I knew I would be happy. I’ve always loved people, my earliest memory is from when I was 5 years old and noticed a woman with twins. One child needed to be fed and the other was crying so loudly that the entire ice cream stand had…show more content…
Freshmen year I earned my EMR certification, Sophomore year I earned my EMT certification and certified as a Basic Life Support CPR instructor up to the healthcare provider level, and this year I will be completing my Advanced EMT certification. On top of volunteering on the ambulance for shifts, I’ve also been elected to the Board of Directors - finding my niche managing our website and being a liaison for the Explorer Post. I even became “Mr. Sunshine” around headquarters when I started the Sunshine Committee; writing birthday, congratulations, or condolence cards for the 120 person Corp. My interest and talent for people was now my entire life. I have held the hands of a geriatric patient suffering an acute myocardial infarction, knowing that I would be the last thing she would be able to feel. I’ve calmed down teenagers, blood still oozing from their wrists. I’ve woken up from crying in my sleep because of the motor vehicle rollover patient who we weren’t able to save. And the next day, I’m in school and nobody knows anything - and that’s how I like
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