Personal Narrative: Winning By Losing

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Winning by Losing Memo Canales “Mom!” I said, “Can I please NOT go on the bus today? Its the day of my big speech and I spent so much time getting ready!” Sadly, the answer was no. The speech I was going to present was a speech on family and how it is essential for the human being. Ironically, the night before the speech, my parents had been fighting, hard. It had never gotten that bad before. As I was trying to practice, I was distracted by the loud voices of my parents trying to overlap the other’s voice. My brother, three years younger than me, 8 at that time, scared, was crying, for he did not know what was happening. I, well, could not hold it. I understood what that fight could cause, and as tears came out of my eyes, I kept practicing, which taught me to be mature in hard and scary…show more content…
This changed everything. My homework, which I would have to do faster because I would have to work on my speech,and many other things. I went to specialists on speeches to help me and what not. That day of the speech, I felt as if winning was life and losing was death. So many people counted on me. Although it was not the state-level or something larger, I was still competing for my family and my school. I remember peeing over 20 times that day, for I was really nervous. As I went down the stairs to the auditorium, and as I saw other children with their mentors, I started to feel scared, and I then knew that I had real competition. As they made us grab a apper to randomly decide who was going first, second, third etc, I felt I would die if I was first. Fortunately, I was not. I was 3rd. It was a fine place. Not the first, but not the last when the judges would be tired of all of us. Then, it was time to start. As the first and second passed, I knew I would have to better than my best to beat those people, so when it was my turn to speak, I put 110% of myself into it. I spoke loud, clear, and I passed a message that was important and included
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