Winston Chuchill Research Paper

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There was a person who kill people more than Hitler. Hitler killed 6000000 Jewish people. But the person that is will present, Winston Chuchill killed 7000000 people. But Winston Chuchill be the Prime Minister twice. Do you want to know why?

'Success is never final. Failture is never fatal.It is courage that counts. ' is Winston 's wide saying. In November.30,1894,Winston born between mom who always goes to party and dad who is Finance Minister.He always stay with nanny. His parents are always busy and not care about Winston. He was not good at study. He was stammer,but he study really hard. He was very focus and intrest about war. He want to be solider when he grown. So he want to go Goyal Military Academy. He fail twice. But finally, he go to the academy and graduate with honers.

'Real life is different from books.War is a cruel and ruthless reality ' In 1896, Winston;s unit was ordered to go to India. But they thought to go Cuba. That time, Cuba was midst of the war. Although they go there, Winston get the attack of enemy 'Cuban independence '. He saw his friend Tom died and know true meaning of war. After that time, Winston was on the train, he was ccpatured as a P.O.W. By Boers, but he escaped. Many people in England clap for brave Winston who escape from the P.O.W. Camp in
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'Can we really win? ' Many Britains wondered if they win in WWⅡ. On sweptember 1, 1939, Winston once again appointed First Lord of the Admiralty. Than September 3, England and France declared war on Germany. The world once agin swept into war. England and France fought the German army. But German was so strong. During World War II, Winston chuchill become Prime Minister. Many people fight, and in December of 1941, japan bomed the U.S. Territory of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The U.S. Immediarely declared war on Japan, and the Pacific War began. Than, Aprill 1945 after untold casualties on all sides, World War II ended following Germany 's defeat at the lands of the U.A. And the
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