Winston Churchill: A Great Leader

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You are wrong if you think a person who is smart only can be a leader. If you like talking, you can be a leader too. If you can’t believe me, here is an example. A British boy who wasn’t smart could be a great leader only with his fluency. His words and energy inspired the people. He made a big change in the world just with his voice. His word made people to stand up and fight against their enemies and saved his country during the World War II. Winston Churchill was born as part of an aristocratic family in the United Kingdom. He headed to the military school when he was young, but later he stepped into politics. He had many fails and difficulties but finally he was selected as a First Lord of Admiralty and in 1940, he became a prime minister of UK. In that time, World Wars started to happen in the Europe and many countries had to surrender to the strong. However, Churchill didn’t give up and tried to do all he could do to fight against the Nazi. In this chapter, we will explore the ways in which Winston Churchill can be considered as a great leader in terms of his confidence, having diverse networks and communication. To support this, I will compare his personality and actions to traits discussed in “Forbes Top 10 Qualities of a leader” from Forbes and Roselinde Torres’s TED TALK. Confidence makes something happen First, Churchill had confidence to stand in front of other even though he was in the hard situations. According to the “Top 10 Qualities of a leader”, as
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