Winston Churchill: A Visionary Leader

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Winston Churchill Did you know that Winston Churchill was once known for being an Warmonger? Cruel as it may be. One of the most inspirational people of all time was accused. He was quite the opposite. He was a visionary idealist that had, “enough patriotism to save an empire.” Today, I will discuss how Winston Churchill was a visionary leader when he played vital role in delivering Britain by exhibiting Full Range Leadership-Inspirational motivation on the people throughout his radio communications. This, led to his ability to be adaptive overcoming a speech impediment therefore exhibiting his change management traits. Additionally, I will prove how he displayed ethical leadership when he chose to come out of retirement to stand up against…show more content…
However, I believe he portrayed inspirational motivation because of the love he had for his people. It’s also because of them that he overcame a speech impediment displaying his change management adaptability traits. His speeches wouldn’t have achieved perfection if it wasn’t for rehearsing his speeches over and over. According to “the book,“Churchill”, by Ashley Jackson, he was so passionate about motivating his people he adjusted himself to change with the times of war. His ability to overcome and manage change would resonate and help deliver Britain to victory. In one of his speeches to the people he stated, “We need to change. This is going to be painful. This is how things could be. In order to achieve it we must go into action.” Many of his speeches have been recorded and are still used to inspire TED talks/ inspirational You Tube videos and meme’s today. Previous Gov. Giuliani (NY) stated in a letter to Churchill’s Granddaughter that, “There is nothing more inspiring than the reflections and inspiration by Churchill.” According to the Thomas N. Barnes Center for Enlisted Education, it states that a, “transformational leader motivates through inspiration and articulates through his visions for the future”. That’s exactly what he did and continued to do until he was 90 years of
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