Sir Winston Churchill Role Model Essay

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5. Who is/was their role model, or strong influence in their life? Why/how? For those who may not know, Sir Winston Churchill was not really a good performer in school, which is an aspect that triggered his father to take him to a military academy; he succeeded after failing three times. He worked in military camped and emerged position 20 out of 130, an aspect that aspired his military career and succession to power. In his life and career, Winston had some people, emulated; the first figure was Lord Randolph Churchill, his father, who shaped Winston’s life in term of political career and leadership. Churchill used similar speaking techniques to his father’s, maintained his posture, and also wore Victorians outfits. He also proceeded with…show more content…
Their books about Ancient Roman and Roman Empire fall inspired his political career. French Emperor Napoleon also contributed to his career. He always admired his military genius, especially how he made a comeback on battles. He had purposed to write his biography but time was never sufficient, he was always angered when Napoleon was compared to Hitler. He said; “It seems an insult to the great Emperor and warrior, he said, to connect him in any way with a squalid caucus boss and butcher.” ("Who were Winston Churchill's biggest heroes?" 2015). 6. Describe the leader’s traits, behaviours and leadership style(s); provide researched evidence to support – show how they approach and handle different situations. Churchill was a democratic leader and was not a dictator. His charismatic nature merged with democracy made him clinch to power. It can be elaborated when he lost elections he was able to step aside from the prime minister office to when he was voted on again, respect to the rule of law. His leadership style emulated communication. He communicated through speeches and his writing. In the course of the war, he made himself visible by talking to people, visiting bombed buildings and factories. Britons were consolidated by this. One of his known speech is made when he was at Dundee Scotland at Kinnard Hall in 1908 (Eduardo Lim, Supply Chain 24/7,
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