Winston Churchill Prime Minister

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Winston Churchill
Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill was one of the greatest prime ministers in all of history. By playing a role in defeating the Nazis and becoming prime minister two times in his life, he was one of the best to do it. His life before the war and becoming prime minister mostly involved the government and politics. His time as prime minister and defeating the Nazis was in his youthful ages, and life after WWII wasn’t the greatest. Winston Churchill built Great Britain to the greatest it could be.
Winston Churchill’s life before he became prime minister and dealt with WWII had to do a lot with the government, politics, and WWI. Before Winston Churchill’s epic role in WWII and history he was a British writer, military leader,
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All of his accomplishments were honored because of his role in the war and history. Because of this, Churchill was elected prime minister again in october 1951 once again for his great leadership. But, Churchill did suffer from health issues and could not deal with being a prime minister and doing all the work. Churchill resigned from politics in 1955 due to his illness. The article stated he won “Nobel prize for Literature and order of the Garter” (“Winston Churchill Prime Minister of United Kingdom”). From being ill and unhealthyhealthy, Churchill died on January 24 in 1965 at the age of 90. Britain and most of the world mourned for more than a week and remembered his legacy. Churchill was buried one mile away from where he was born, in Oxfordshire, his hometown. Few others can match what he has ever achieved. His legacy still remains in history, his role in the War , and his time as prime minister and all the amazing things he did for his country.
Winston Churchill, one of the greatest prime ministers ever had a epic role in history that helped everyone defeat the Nazis. At the start of Churchill’s life he was born into a wealthy and famous family and eventually became something huge. Then, he became prime minister and became allies with the U.S. and the Soviet Union to eventually make the Nazis surrender. After WWII he got elected to be prime minister once again but then eventually became lower and lower in
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