Winston Churchill Speech Analysis

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By June 14th 1940, Nazi Germany had taken over France, Belgium, Holland, and Luxembourg. As a result of these monumental victories for Hitler, Great Britain knew that all of Hitler 's military force was now going to turn towards them. In the following week British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill spoke to the house of commons on this new perspective. (Churchill). In his speech, ¨Their Finest Hour¨, Churchill uses diction, appeals to logic and appeals to emotion to convey a stimulating and reassuring message to all Great Britain citizens. Winston Churchill was known for his inspiring speeches and his exceptional persistence and strength during WWII. Churchill grew up in the public eye, and became more admired and gained the respect of almost everyone. Due to his role, as Prime Minister, in WWII, Churchill became famous for his motivating speeches and refusing to give in, even when the odds were not in his favor. Because of this, from WWII and on, ¨...for many people in Great Britain...Winston Churchill [was] simply a hero.¨ (Winston S. Churchill). During difficult times in Britain 's history, people looked to Churchill for relief and reassurance. Churchill appeals to the emotions felt by the British ¨During WWI [when] the Allies experienced nothing but disaster and disappointment....quite suddenly, quite unexpectedly, [their] terrible foe collapsed.¨ (Churchill). Churchill uses the feelings from WWI and brings them back to suggest that even if the allies are feeling
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