Winston Churchill's Accomplishments

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In a time when evil was dominant, Winston Churchill fought back. He stood up to the Nazis and was unwilling to give up. Through his stubbornness, will, and determination, Churchill changed the course of World War II. Winston Churchill is the most impressive figure of the 20th century because he fought back when everyone else was quivering in fear. He knew what was right and fought for it. He kept the moral in his country positive, determined that the Allies would win the war. In describing how close in proximity the war was Churchill said, “So close as that! Is it prudent, is it possible, however much we might desire it, to turn our backs upon Europe and ignore whatever may happen there?” In this excerpt from Churchill’s speech 'We lie within a few minutes’ striking distance' Churchill admits that it might be easy to ignore the travesties occurring nearby. Despite this, Churchill continues by arguing that it is all the more important for Britain to take a stand in order that the future will not be grim.…show more content…
Some may argue that Hitler is the most impressive figure of the 20th century due to the impact he had on the Western World. However, Hitler failed, but Churchill did not. Even more so, Churchill affected the infinite future. Without Churchill’s leadership, the world would very likely be a different
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