Winston Churchill's Role In History

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Throughout history there have been countless of significant wartime leaders. Sir Winston Churchill worked hard during his time and he has definitely earned his spot as one of the highest wartime leaders. From 1940 to 1945 Winston Churchill became the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, which covered most of the World War II (Schoenfeld, 1973). Many of his decisions shaped history and had a lasting impact on the outcome of the 20th century (Schoenfeld, 1973). Winston was born November 30, 1874 to an aristocratic family which was Dukes of Marlborough (Schoenfeld, 1973), a part of the Spencer family. Lord Randolph Churchill, Winston father who was the Chancellor of Exchequer. His mother was Jennie Jerome, an American socialite (Schoenfield,…show more content…
Churchill went from the conservative party to start off with then to the liberal party and back to conservative party. With the help of his family and due to his own determination Churchill started moving up in levels and was on the go to getting more noticeable by people. In 1910 Winston became the Home Secretary, while being the secretary he introduced several ways to make to the prison system better, including trying to prepare lecture and concerts for prisoners and also he worked on helping convicts to received special care after they have served their sentence. Churchill stirred up a bit of controversy during the Welsh Miner’s strike. Many coal industry members started to strike violently towards the corporations. Churchill caused all this controversy because to put down the riots he used military troops. Churchill became the First Lord of Admiralty in 1911. He was credited by many people for modernizing the navy. During World War II Churchill set up the Royal Naval Air Service which brought the Navy and Air Force into a partnership which helped out big time. Being so enthusiastic about his program Churchill decided to take flying lessons. Not only did he decide to flying lessons but his enthusiasm also gave him a lot of military knowledge, looking for many military generals to respect…show more content…
Arguing that France and Britain should come together to form a military alliance with the communist Soviet Union is what caused another controversy by Churchill. Because of the way they oppressed their citizens up until this time Britain had strongly opposed the Soviet Union. Churchill saw Hitler as a top threat and knew he could not be defeated easily when World War II broke out, which is his main reason for wanting an alliance with the Soviet Union. On April 4th, 1940 Churchill was selected as the First Lord of the Admiralty and he became the Chairman of the Military Coordinating Committee. On May 10, 1940 Nazi Germany attacked France (Winston, Churchill New World Encyclopedia,2015). After the attack happened it caused Neville Chamberlain to step down as Prime Minister. His policy of conciliation didn’t work so he didn’t leave on good terms. As the all this was going on during this time the Parliament made a decision that it was time for it to be some aggressive action against the Nazi’s. King George VI asked Churchill to become the Prime Minister in the same day Chamberlain resigned. When the time had come for entering the war the British people were wary. Because of many people felt that mainland Europe was lost cause people’s morale was low. Three days after taking office Churchill gave his famous speech “Blood, Toil, Tears, and
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