Winston Churchill's Role In World War

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Winston Churchill had a tremendous role in the allies victory of World war ll. Winston became prime minister (Great Britain's president) on may 9 1940 in the middle of Germany taking over almost all of Europe. The first reason that Winston Churchill had a huge role in World War ll is the way he lead Britain during the time of war. Another role that Winston played on the allies winning the war was his war strategy for defeating the axis powers of Germany, Italy and Japan. The last role that I want to talk about with Winston Churchill is his tense relationship with the U.S.S.R. and the spread of communism. These are the main topics that I will be talking about to answer my research question. The first topic that I want to talk about is Winston Churchill leading the people of Great Britain through the war. When Winston became Prime Minister Europe was in deep trouble, Hitler and the Nazi’s were taking over Europe by storm. When Winston gave his first…show more content…
Winston worked with his allies Franklin D. Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin to defeat Hitler and the axis powers. Winston’s main strategy that his army from Great Britain and Franklin D. Roosevelt’s army from the United States would attack western Europe and northern Africa. Joseph Stalin's army would attack on the eastern front and try to stop the Nazi’s from invading their home of country of the U.S.S.R.. This plan successfully worked when the German army made one fatal mistake they tried to invade Russia and failed badly when they lost the battle Stalingrad losing many troops and supplies. This battle turned the outcome of the war as Churchill and Roosevelt made a invasion of the normandy coast in France which we now call D day. After that invasion the leaders met one last time at the Potsdam conference to decide what would happen after the allies won the war which at that point they knew they
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