Winston Smith And Fahrenheit 451 Comparison Essay

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Not Your Typical Heroes Winston Smith and Guy Montag from 1984 and Fahrenheit 451, two intriguing characters that don’t necessarily fit the “hero” mold. While they both have many similarities, they also have many differences. Some of these similarities include: they are both main characters, both are located in a dystopia, and they are both weak in some way. The ways they are different are: the way in which they are defying the rules of society and the ways in which they are weak. In both books, there are obscure similarities between Montag and Smith. For instance, they are both main characters, both are located in a dystopia, and both are indecisive or weak in some way. To clarify, both are in a dystopia, they both live in a world where technology has created distance between specific people and their relationship to other members of society. In Fahrenheit 451’s science-fiction world, Montag is a Firefighter. Except, he does not “fight” fires, he sets them. He burns books because his society says that books, reading, and creativity are not acceptable. Ray Bradbury, in an interview, claims that this idea came from several thoughts and curiosities. Winston Smith is also living in a world his author has created from his own imagination, as well as from real events that were going on in the world…show more content…
Montag is physically strong but mentally weak. What I mean by this is, Guy is indecisive and is constantly going through this mental battle with himself. Throughout the story he goes back and forth with this idea of whether or not whatever he is doing is the right thing to be doing. In this aspect he is mentally weak, but bodily strong. Winston, in 1984, is the opposite of Guy Montag in strength. Winston Smith is mentally strong, but physically almost a cripple. A recurring problem for Winston is his mobility. However, his mental strength and decisiveness is part of why he is such a memorable

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