Winston's Power In 1984 By George Orwell

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The Party controls its members. Through "doublethink," people consciously accept anything the Party tells them even if it contradicts something they already know. Furthermore, they consciously suppress any thought or information that goes against anything the Party says. Big Brother is brainwashing them with its power and it abusing the power so much that it consume itself to the that it cannot decide what is real or not. The Party 's power, Winston realizes, lies in its control of reality. They can remove you from recorded history, but to people living before the Party, this would not have been the most important thing. The Party 's true destructiveness lies in mission to destroy individual human feeling and emotion. O’Brien discusses with Winston the nature of the past. O…show more content…
The Party constantly watches all citizens for any sign of rebellion or thought-crime, but tries to appear kind and concerned rather than ruthless and invasive. It adopts the protective, reassuring persona of 'Big Brother ' and the slogan. People are being torturing for having their own thoughts and not follow Big brother. In Section three, Chapter 2, O’Brien is torturing Winston. He asks Winston if he remembers writing “Freedom is the Freedom to say that two plus two is four”. After Winston acknowledge that he wrote that, O’Brien holds up fingers and ask, “How many fingers? ”Winston answers “four” and gets a strong jolt of pain. This continues until Winston finally answers “Five! Five! Five! ”. Big Brother is powerful, its power lie power alone can control the nation and it can spread to other nation if the party want to take over the world. You will need a philosopher or enlightment thinker to stop the Big Brother. Some people might think like that but in time the power itself will ruin the party. The use like power to control everything under their command. They also know that people will resist one day to take down BigBrother so that why they are doing anything to manipulate
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