Winston's Rebellion In 1984 George Orwell

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In the book 1984, the protagonist Winston Smith tries to lead a rebellion against Big Brother. In the end he has now been through many things such as torture, but he has failed his rebellion. Throughout the book Winston was bound to fail because he was careless and not rebellious. An example of him being careless is that he has blind faith in O’Brien. An example of him being not rebellious is that his biggest act of rebellion was Julia. Winston definitely was bound to fail from the beginning because he was careless and not very rebellious. Winston was bound to fail because he had blind faith in O’Brien. By that it is meant that Winston trust O’Brien off without actually knowing him. Winston just accepts that O’Brien is anti-party because he gave him a look during the two minute hate. For Winston to be able to lead the rebellion, he would have to be careful about…show more content…
During this rebellion he makes very tiny acts of rebellion. The biggest act of rebellion that Winston commits is Julia. In the novel 1984 Julia is shown as a girl that Winston is afraid of and also hates so much that he loves her. She is also shown as a sex-addict that has fallen in love with Winston. They eventually end up in a no strings attached relationship with Winston. He even rents the room above Charrington’s shop for his and Julia’s rendezvous. Winston is not as rebellious as he thinks he is. Julia is not a big act of rebellion because she has been doing this for several months. That alone makes Winston’s act of rebellion not really an act of rebellion. For example, when the two of them are in O’Brien’s house going over the things that they would do for the rebellion, Winton says yes to all of them but they never acts on them. Instead he goes into a room and reads a book to Julia who does not care. In the end Winston was not cut out to lead a rebellion because his biggest act of rebellion was
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