Winston's Speech Timeline

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• Within the next hours, the Germany Army began its western offensive by invading Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands
• It was 2 days after that the German military entered France while Britain stood by itself against the onslaught
• Churchill then quickly formed a coalition cabinet of leaders from the Labor, Liberal and conservative parties
• It was on June 18th, 1940, that Winston made one of his iconic speeches to the House of Commons, the speech was a warning that “the battle of Britain” was about to begin
• Winston kept resistance to Nazi dominance alive and created the foundation for an alliance with the Soviet Union and the U.S.
• Previously Winston had cultivated a relationship with U.S. president Franklin D. Roosevelt in the 1930s, and in March of 1941, he was able to secure vital U.S. aid
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• These meetings took place in Teheran (1943), Yalta (February 1945), and Potsdam (July 1945)
• Churchill worked with the 2 leaders in order to develop a united strategy against the axis powers
• The 3 also helped create the post-war world with the united nations as a centerpiece
• While the war started to wind down Winston proposed plans for social reforms in Britain but he was unable to convince the public
• Unfortunately he was defeated in the general election in July 1945

• Dresden:
• Allied forces bombed the historic city of Dresden from February 13th to February 15th,1945 which was during the final months of the war
• The bombing of Dresden was considered controversial because it was neither important to German wartime productions and it was not a major industrial center
• It was by February 15th that the city was destroyed
• The estimated casualties were between 35,000 and 135,000 dead

• Rommel:
• One of the Germans most popular generals during WWII
• Rommel tried to create a plot to overthrow Hitler
• Rommel took his own life on October 14th, 1944, when he was only 52 years old
• Gained his enemies respect by victories as a commander of the Afrika
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