Winter At Valley Forge Dbq Analysis

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It was the winter of 1777-1778. People were starting to second guess Washington and his choices he makes. Some soldiers enlistment time was almost up. It is below freezing, but the war is not over. It was the Winter at Valley Forge. I am not going to re-enlist in the war because we have poor conditions, many people are dying, and we are getting very little support. The first reason I am not going to re-enlist in the war is because there were very poor conditions. In document C, the diary of Dr. Waldo, he says “Poor food-hard lodging-cold weather-fatigue-nasty cloaths-nasty cookery-vomit half my time…. why are we sent out here to starve and freeze?” They are dying out here of the poor conditions. They are uncomfortable and want to go home to
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