Winter Choral Concert

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The Winter Choral Concert went really, really well. It contained some great pieces of music, but only a few of which I knew. Mrs. Mormann is the new chorus director and she is great at what she does. The winter concert is only the second concert that Mrs. Mormann has conducted at the Asheboro High School Performing Arts Center since she became part of the AHS team.
The first group to perform was the AHS Concert Chorus. This portion of the concert went really well. It included some greatly performed pieces. The songs performed by this group were “Snow/Winter Wonderland”, “Slow Rockin Christmas”, “Grown Up Christmas List”, and “Grandma 's Killer Fruitcake”. My favorite of the pieces was “Snow/Winter Wonderland” because it is the only song from this group that I actually know, which makes it easier to enjoy. Most, if not all, of the performers in this group seemed to be experienced because they knew how to keep balance and rhythm throughout the different pieces. There were a few
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I enjoyed all the pieces, but my favorite was “Twelve Days of Christmas” because it was catchy and really enjoyable. I really like how they kind of split the parts towards the end when the guys continued singing the chorus at a quicker speed and the girls sung the chorus at a higher tempo, but a slower speed. This had a good effect on the enjoyment of the song. It was something I was not expecting to hear, so when it happened it kind of caught my attention. This group had more confidence in their performance and honestly I think confidence has a big affect on stage appearance and performance. Based on their sound and how they were able to balance and blend their voices together, it showed the audience that they weren’t as nervous as the first group. They sounded prepared and ready to perform. I think they focused a lot during rehearsal and that resulted in a wonderful concert

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