Winter Dream In The Great Gatsby

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The story of "Winter Dreams" by F. Scott Fitzgerald discusses a tennager named Dexter Green and Judy seek to achieve their ideal goal in life at an early adulthood. According to the story, Dexter works as a caddy in his teen years and he helps some of the most wealthy upper-class men to win golf. One day, Dexter meets Judy Jones who is an eleven year old girl that turns out to be Dexter’s lover and she helps him to focus on his first personal goal. His fulfillments are winning Judy's affection and to obtain his individual profitable businesses. Though Dexter is financially stable as a adult , he is certainly not fully satisfied with his life. At the same time, Judy's attractiveness prevents her from finding true love because she thinks she is too perfect for an average man to have her. In her long path of journey to find a perfect man, she fails to help herself to identify who loves her the most. At the end, neither Judy nor Dexter is completely happy with his or her goals.…show more content…
Winter dream represents that both Judy and Dexter are remaining in the same spot where they are at the end of the story. In fact, they want to walk an extra mile on the road to obtain a desirable dream, but the winter catches them with heavy snowstorm that prevents them from progression. Dexter seeks his dream with Judy, yet his dream ends with only money and success only. At the same time, Judy searches her dream a little further with her ideal man; however, she ends with an abusive and an alcoholic husband. Dexter notices that he cannot go back in time to reverse his dream the way he wants it to be like. In addition, winter is the final season of the year and the final destination of Judy and Dexter. Winter also means that Judy and Dexter are isolated from each other. The end of Dexter's dream is he sees himself as a successful bachelor with money and power, but fails to maintain his intimacy with
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