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“You don’t write because you want to say something, you write because you have something to say” by F. Scott Fitzgerald (brainyquote.com). In story’s there seem to be a common theme of hidden messages that is supposed to allude to more secret meanings later in the story. In the short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald; “Winter Dreams,” There are many secret messages and meanings. One of the things that this story tries to say is that life moves as if someone is hitting the fast-forward button on a remote. F. Scott Fitzgerald in the short story “Winter Dreams” uses the characters Judy and Dexter to illustrate the time passing and life moving on. At the beginning of the short story Dexter is shown as a little kid of about the age of fourteen.…show more content…
Scott Fitzgerald then reversed Judy and Dexter back to their normal stereotypes as in the stereotypical male and stereotypical female. They went back to their normal cliche stereotypes when Dexter went back to look for judy again, but completely single with his engagement to Irene called off, only to find that Judy got married and had kids while her husband was being unfaithful to her. Overall, with this short story written by F. scott Fitzgerald, he was trying to show that life goes on and to break the stereotypes because something good could come out of it, even though Dexter and Judy never fully realized it. “Winter Dreams” is a very successful name for the short story if it truly means what Jill Gidmark had written; “ The aging process is signified by the word “winter” in the title, but “winter” also signifies a transition that is more tragic than physical deterioration...Dexter’s emotions have become frozen. He has lost the ability to care or to feel. His “dream” of Judy had kept him energetic, passionate, and alive, and now the dream has been taken from him” (Jill Gidmark, para. 10). F. Scott Fitzgerald successfully made the idea of life moving on in fast-forward by putting the age jumps with Dexter and Judy in the story. The gender roles were reversed and life for Judy and Dexter may have turned out better because of
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