'Winter Scouting' By Robert W. Streeter: Article Analysis

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In the article “Winter Scouting,” by Robert W. Streeter, he explains that it is more ethical to scout for deer during the winter, rather than scout right before the season starts. He says that it will spook the deer. He also says that there is more sign in the winter and that the deer will know if you put up tree stands or blinds up because they know there territory. Also scouting during the winter will give you something to do to get you out of the house. Robert W. Streeter is an avid hunter and fisherman. He writes blogs and articles for “Outdoor Life” and “BigGameHunt.net.” Other than “Winter Scouting,” he has written articles like “Fall Bass Blitz” and “On-Your-Own-Caribou.” In these articles he gives tips on how to make your hunt or

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