Winter Wonderworld Summary

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I found the article Winter Wonderworlds extremely fascinating as I have a keen interest in the study of space. I believe that the author took an interesting interpretation of the study of other planets and moons that could appeal to all audiences. For a good understanding of this article it would be helpful to have prior knowledge of the planets and moons in our solar system and a good understanding of astronomy. However, it is not necessary that you understand these points when reading the article as the article explains these things in a basic way. This article I found made several good points about what the other planets and moons in our solar system are like on the surface. The article talked about these things in weird and wonderful ways through the pretence of a winter wonderworld. In conducting more research on the topic of ice on other planets and moons I found an interesting website that discusses the idea of ice volcanoes. The web page “Ice volcanoes in outer space?” discusses the eruption of liquid water mixed with ammonia on Pluto’s neighbouring object, Charon. It discusses that on Charon the eruption quickly formed into an ice crystal structure. However though these points are just theory as there is no way at this current point in time for us to properly find out what is happening on Charon. It is…show more content…
The article speaks about how each planet and moon in our solar system has the potential of becoming a winter wonder ‘world’. It talks about the ideas of skiing and ice skating on other worlds and moons. At the end of the article the conclusion is made that while looking for your holiday destination of the future you are also looking at the possible building blocks for life. The main theme behind the article however is not a look at the possibly winter holidays of the future but rather a look into the key aspect of space and our
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