Winterkill Character Traits

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Book Report - Winterkill : Kate A Boorman

The main character in Winterkill is a young girl named Emmeline. Emmeline lives in a small settlement with her father since her mother died while giving birth to another, a son who accepted the same fate. Emmeline was extremely close to her mother and misses her dearly. Unfortunately the family holds a burden; they are ‘Stained.’ In other words Emmeline’s grandmother had an affair with another man. Being extremely ‘Wayward.’ So her Grandmother got hung and was left in a large cage at the Crossroads. Basically their grandmother brought shame on the family, for now and always. Despite that Emmeline has an impetuous and fiery nature, but is also very insecure. She hides her pain and sadness very well. Lastly she is extremely curious; her curiousness leads her to a whole lot of trouble later in the book. Emmeline is attractive and she is unique, so she draws the eyes of two. One a boy who is the same age as her, Kane, another a man, the settlement leader, Brother (Gabrielle) Stockholm. Thus creating a rivalry between the two. We shall discover more about the relationship between each over ‘Conflict’ and ‘Climax’
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I think this is the perfect quotation to write here because it gives an idea of how quickly Emmelines mood changes and how well she hides her pain. It shows her impetuous nature turning into her insecurities, that she is not good enough for society. Emmeline is very much a character, in fact my favourite. The author has proposed her character with highly unique qualities and those have affected the story greatly in everything. If Emmeline had not been impetuous, then she wouldn’t have made those brash decisions that affect the story. If she hadn’t of been curious then the book wouldn’t have even started. Lastly if she hadn’t had any vulnerable qualities the book would make no sense at all and would have large gaps that need desperately to be
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