Wintermute And Neuromancer: A Scene Analysis

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Gibson’s portrayal of cyberspace illustrates an underlying central problem involving the idea that change with the onset is inevitable. Within cyberspace, people are able to reshape their identities as well as their relations to their bodies, but with these advances, Gibson warns readers of the darker sides of technology. The main focus is on Case, who sees his own body as a carcass while judging the ways others have modified their bodies or not. Towards the end, Case explains that he has “no idea at all what’ll happen if Wintermute wins, but it’ll change something” (Gibson, 260). Case also becomes aware of “his own strained white face” (260) during this scene, although this awareness of his body is not enough for him to stay grounded in reality. Through emphasizing the…show more content…
Wintermute does not hesitate to kill people who stand in the way, and while Wintermute murders, Neuromancer tries to get inside people 's’ minds. Neuromancer also tries to make Case stay by saying that “If your woman is a ghost, she doesn’t know it. Neither will you” (Gibson, 244). In this scene, Neuromancer is disregarding Linda’s agency, despite the fact that she’s a digital copy that it made, while giving Case the chance to control her. The implications of how these two supercomputers gain power demonstrate the darker side of prioritizing cyberspace over the physical world, as well only paying attention to the aspects of cyberspace that are beneficial to individuals, such as being a hacker cowboy for Case. By pitting the two intelligent entities against each other, Gibson shows what could happen if technology is left unchecked, and in this case, not even technology can stop itself; it either has to consume or merge with other technology. It also illustrates how identity as shaped by technology will continue building upon itself and growing, whether or not this will lead to a better
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