Winter's Tale Book Vs Book Analysis

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I. Movie Poster VS Book Cover

The Movie poster shows the two main character, Peter Lake and Beverly Penn who love each other. On 1916 in New york City when they meet and love each other. The style of the color in the poser was Blue meaning it is a winter season in that time when they meet. When Beverly Penn died, Peter Lake got amnesia and he lives a century until he meet a little girl name Abby in 2014 that New York City was change and have a more tallest buildings. The Book Winter’s Tale was published in 1983 by Mark Helprin. Based on the novel which can determine the meaning of the book cover, the Book Cover shows the New York City during a winter season also just like in the movie poster. The book cover has white horse in the sky instead the two main characters. The Horse is the angel of heaven. The horse is the guardian angel of Peter Lake who became his partner when the horse save Peter from his enemies. The style of the color in the book is blue which means winter in that time.

II. Movie credentials

A. Staff and Crew

Directed By:
Akiva Goldsman Written By:
Akiva Goldsman
Mark Helprin

Produced By:
Tony Allard
Michael Tadross
Marc Platt

Executive Producer:
Kerry Forster
Steven Mnuchin
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Mark Helprin was a Journalist, and Novelist. Helprin got his bachelors degree (B.A. 1969) in Harvard University and his master degree (M.A. 1972) in Harvard’s Graduate school of arts and sciences. Many stories and books that he created it. His three short stories was “A Dove of the East and Other Stories (1975), Ellis Island and Other Stories (1981), and The Pacific and Other Stories (2004)”. Mark Helprin also has six novels include Winter’s Tale that published in 1983. Mark’s Writings include his political op-eds are appeared in the publication like New york Times, The New Criterion,

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