Wire All Schools Not So Fast Essay

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The question is: “Are computer’s truly effective in learning?” Many would argue that computers are an essential component while others believe that while a computer or technology will be able to function in ways that mimic human such as walking or talking, they have not mastered many other skills that human being possess. In article titled, Wire All Schools? Not So Fast” by Michael Dertouzos, Dertouzos argues that we (America) should perhaps look to our neighbors and possibly take on their ways of learning. This article was written in 1998 and we have now reached a different level of technology use here in the United States. Since Dertouzos article, some schools have incorporated more technology into their learning systems. Some schools…show more content…
Though we have outspoken students, we cannot forget about those who are shy and introverts. Because we now have access to email, discussion boards, and chat, this sort of eases one’s mind because no one is watching them as they speak. This also serves as motivation for students as they will become more comfortable in themselves. If one had to name disadvantages of technology, one would probably vent that technology has indeed made our students lazy and dependent. In my days of substituting, it was clear that most students couldn’t answer many math questions without having a cell phone or computer in front of them. Instead of teaching students, many teachers have turned to technology as a means of teaching. It’s okay to incorporate technology as a teaching method, but I do not agree that it should be their only means of teaching. The traditional ways of teaching allowed students to work for their answers. All in all, technology has proven to be an advantage for me as it has allowed me to complete my degree online. I was able to participate in class discussion online and complete all of my work via Moodle. As a mother of three with a full time job, I do not believe that I could have obtained the same results if I had taken the traditional route and attended class on
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