Wire Scope Case: The Wire Rope Case Study

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THE WIRE ROPE CASE STUDY 1. Immediate Issue(s) or Problem(s) In the Wire Rope case, I as the Financial Manager of Green Core Inc. (GRI), have the opportunity to help GRI solve the number of law suits they are currently facing due to some failure of the wire rope which have caused a number of casualties in various construction sites. In this case, GRI is the competitor of my former employer, Red Wire Corp. (RWC) wherein I have walked through and learned from the Factory Superintendent the critical process and specially designed machine they have developed themselves. Thus, what are my responsibilities to RWC? Will my decision depend or not whether or not I signed a confidentiality clause with RWC? Furthermore, what if I also know that the patent of RWC for the subject machine is already expired and my former boss is my godfather. It is believed that GRI will shut down if they cannot resolve the quality problems soon. This case study aims to resolve the quality problem and offers a means to examine the legal and ethical issues involving the protection and misappropriation of RWC’s trade secrets within five (5) working days. 2. Basic Issue(s) or Associated Issue(s) The quality problem must be resolved. As with the first step, I need to figure out the problem and be able to solve the quality problem with GRI by evaluating competitive companies, product and their customers. Since I came from RWC and acquired knowledge and experience from them in the wire rope industry, I

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